We were hoping to move house this week – but the process has been delayed. This seems to be something very common – but to us – and to me in particular it’s proved to be very stressful. I guess I’m like a lot of people – so impatient when faced with delay – always in a hurry for things to happen – even at times wondering if it will ever happen!

I find this quote so true – and have to remind myself that in fact – ‘delay is not always denial’ – and ‘not yet – doesn’t mean no’.

As usual I have a choice to make – – and over the past days I’ve reminded myself of ‘The Serenity Prayer’ – in particular to the first half which says –“Dear God – grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change”

There are so many things in life that I simply cannot change – much as I would like to – and I have to choose how I respond to those things. Do I allow myself to continue to stress over the delays – or do I learn – with Gods help to accept them.

If I want to experience ‘serenity’ – it’s not enough to just ask God to grant it to me – I need to play my part too – and as this quote says – I need to trade my expectations – for acceptance – then – serenity in the situation will be mine.

So as the days pass – possibly bringing with them more delays – I choose – not to practice ‘stress’ – but to practice ‘peace’.

I pray that you too will know a serenity and a peace in whatever circumstances you find yourself in – as you learn to ‘accept those things you cannot change’ – and lean on Him – Who promises His peace – Blessings Lois

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