‘Singing The Lords Song’

It’s been a difficult week this past week – I’ve struggled with the situation we’re in – felt frustrated and tired – emotionally as well as physically – I’ve even found it hard at times to ‘sing the Lords song’ – recalling the time when the Jews had been taken captive – were living in extremely hard times – in a strange land – and wondered – ‘how can we sing the Lords song in a strange land’

As I’ve walked early in the morning I’ve tried to be honest with God – to tell Him just how I feel – allowed the tears to fall – I found this quote which I love – “Tears are prayers too – they travel to God when we can’t speak”. I find that so comforting – that He understands even when I find it difficult to express myself – and can only shed those tears.

Having shed my tears however – I make a choice – I chose to ‘sing my song’ – so – to quote the words from a wonderful song – ‘10,000 Reasons’ – “The sun comes up – it’s a new day dawning – it’s time to sing Your song again – whatever may pass – and whatever lies before me – let me be singing when the evening comes”

As the day unfolds – I lift my spirit – reminding myself that whatever is happening in my life – He remains faithful – and I will continue to trust Him even as I continue to work through the grief and loss of the past months and learn to live in this strange landscape and territory that I find myself in – and – “I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live — – I will sing the Lords song “

Blessings – Lois

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