‘Feel The Rain’

Most mornings it’s still dark outside as I get ready to go out for my early walk – in fact some days I stand at the window waiting for the darkness to lift just enough to enable me to see my way. When it’s so dark it’s often difficult for me to determine just what the weather is like – is it cold – is it windy – is it wet. Sometimes of course that’s easy to tell – as I can hear the wind or the rain. The other day I wasn’t sure until I stepped out – at first it seemed as though the rain I had heard in the night was holding off – but only a few minutes into my walk – here it came again.

I had taken my umbrella with me and so put it up quickly – however I hadn’t been walking long before I realized that I was missing something by doing so – I was missing actually ‘feeling’ the rain. Of course by putting down my umbrella I ran the risk of getting very wet – yet – what did I really want to do – be aware of the fact I was getting wet – or to concentrate on feeling the rain on my skin – I chose the latter – I chose to take note of this quote I came across – “Some people feel the rain – others just get wet” – I wanted to ‘feel the rain’

I love the quotes that people share – and as I walked I appreciated this one too – “Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday” – I truly found the rain so refreshing – almost as though I was being washed – cleansed of any weight I was carrying. How glad I was that I had chosen to ‘feel the rain’ it made such a difference to my walk – which I finished – not being conscious of how wet I was – but how that rain had felt on my skin!

I found this poem by Sakshi Gupta – and thought it expressed much of how I felt – I love the line ‘when pearly drops hit the ground’ – and – ‘the whole environment gets amazed and whole sorrow washed away’.

I love the thought too that ‘rain is a beautiful art of God’ – and I so appreciated that art – thank you God for allowing me to ‘feel’ your art today.

Blessings to all – Lois

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