‘Zoom Bake-Off’

It’s hard to believe that only a few short months ago I had never even heard of ‘zoom’ – but of course I – like so many – have become quite familiar with it. Ok – so it’s not the same as seeing – and speaking – to others face to face – but I for one am so grateful for the technology we have today which enables me to keep in touch with so many friends and family during this time in my life.

The other night I took part in a ‘zoom bake-off’ with some friends of mine – and it was so much fun! One thing that I found so interesting were the ‘stories’ behind the baking that had taken place that day.

One lady’s daughter had just had a scan and discovered that she was expecting a girl – so – this lady had made pink frosted cupcakes to let us have the news! – what a wonderful way to both share the news and to enter into the fun.

One of the guys – who has very recently moved house – shared with us the fact that one of the new things he has learnt to do is to bake bread – and told us how much they are loving home made bread each day – well done to him!

One lady had been to visit her young grandsons for a few days – arriving back that afternoon – yet finding the time to join in the fun – baking a wonderful looking apple cake.

In sharp contrast another lady had baked one of the richest cakes you can eat – a ‘death by chocolate cake’. Her husband commented that it was so difficult to decide a ‘winner’ – as ‘the proof of the pudding – is in the eating’ – as we say!

In some ways I felt as though I had cheated – as I had baked three different things!

During lock-down I’ve been baking every two or three days – and when I do bake it’s usually a mixture of various cakes and cookies – so because I was baking anyway I decided to show all I had made that day.

So here they are – first a banana loaf – one of the favorites at the moment and one which never lasts long – which is good because I have found that it’s not a cake that keeps too long. Second are Melting Moments – lovely little mouthfuls that do seem to melt as you eat them and which bring to me memories of my childhood.

Lastly – millionaires shortbread – always a special treat and one I always made whenever there was an occasion that asked for contributions – it was always popular too!

I felt both pleased – and yet slightly ‘guilty’ that I won the bake-off – because of the variety of my baking – but it was really a fun time – and I’d like to thank everyone who took part and made my evening!

I’ve heard of lots of ways that people are interacting on Zoom – ‘zoom meals’ – zoom quizzes’ – even ‘zoom baby showers’ – and I applaud everyone. It’s so wonderful to see and hear how so many are taking such a positive attitude to the times we are in – making the most of it – and having fun as much as they can.

So again – thank you to my group of friends for giving me a fun night – and I look forward to many other evenings of positive interaction – until we can once more physically meet together.

Blessings – Lois

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