‘The Seeds of Eternity’

Living in the countryside has enabled me to observe the seasons very closely – I have loved watching the whole process – from the seeds being sown to the harvest. I remember seeing those first shoots – and watching how quickly they grew – in what seemed no time at all the fields were golden.

Then there was the day when four combine harvesters arrived to begin the whole process of the harvest – what a sight it was.

Day and night the farmer worked to get in that harvest. I found it fascinating as I walked each morning to see how the fields were transformed – soon there were only short stubs left in the fields before the earth was turned – leaving the whole area brown again – ready for the next lot of seeds to be planted.

I was reminded of a verse from scripture – which talks about God ‘planting the seeds of eternity’ in our hearts.

I am so glad that we are eternal beings – life is far richer than simply going through the motions of everyday living – we are made for so much more. I love this quote – ‘We are made of the stuff of eternity – endings are not our destiny’

As I remember those seeds being sown by the farmer – watching the whole process to the harvest – and then seeing him begin all over again – I thank God for the seeds He has planted in my heart – seeds of eternity – and pray that they will bring forth a good harvest – reaching into eternity.

Blessings – Lois

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  1. I can imagine how life-affirming it would be to see each stage in the cycle.

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