‘A Sound In The Trees’

The wind in the trees

The wind was so strong as I walked this morning – and as I walked I was aware of the sound of the wind in the trees. I have often heard the wind blowing the trees and sounding almost like the waves of the sea. This morning as I heard the sound a memory came to me – It was the recollection of a verse from scripture – I tried to capture that memory – knew that there was a reference to the ‘sound of something in the trees’.

Reaching home I found the reference – it comes from 2 Samuel 5:24

And let it be – when you hear the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees – then you shall move – for the Lord has gone before you.

He has gone before me

I love that! – and I decided to take it as an encouragement – as we’re still waiting to get a date to move house! – but even more than that – it was a reminder to me that whenever – however – and wherever I move – He has gone before me.

For me it’s so special that each morning as I walk God has something to show me – something to say to me – to encourage me – to comfort me – to strengthen me. He uses the simple things to teach me lessons and to enrich my soul.

May you know His blessing and be assured He goes before you – Lois

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