‘The Cool Of The Morning’

The early morning mist

There’s such a freshness on these early Autumnal mornings – and I love it – along with the sun rising – so often on these mornings above the mist that hangs over the fields – it’s such a wonderful place to be. What better way to start my day – to not only feel that freshness on my skin – but to feel it awaken all my senses – to penetrate – to caress my spirit too.

God walks with me

I am awakened from the sleep of the night – an awareness washes over me – the closeness of God enfolds me as I walk with Him in the cool of the morning. I often think of the time when Adam heard God – in the cool of the morning

Genesis 3:8

Adam heard God walking in the garden

in the cool of the morning

What a privilege’s it is to walk with Him – I will never cease to be grateful for his presence with me.

I almost missed it this morning though – having slept badly and woken feeling heavy with a sadness – as well as struggling physically – it would have been so easy to curl up and hide myself away. However – out I went – allowing that coolness to pour over me – drinking it in – and finding it bringing a sense of cleansing with it – clearing away the busyness of past days – refreshing the tiredness – washing away the stress – lightening the sadness – restoring my soul.

How glad I was – how grateful – for the cool of the morning – in the company of the One Who restored my soul

How I welcome you
Oh coolness of the morning
Wash right over me
Refresh as only you can
Touch my very soul
That I may begin this day
Totally renewed
Awakened for whatever 
Comes across my way 

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  1. I’ve seen some wonderful images on the weather news of the early morning mist on the fields in the last few days. The coolness of autumn has arrived.

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