‘Nothing Wasted’

As I walked along this morning it took me a while to recognize what was different – something had changed. It wasn’t just the fact that the harvest had been gathered – the earth turned over – and the fields were looking so different from what they had been over the past weeks and months – there was something else.

Then it dawned on me! I had walked for so many weeks alongside the edges of the fields – walked by when they dug out the dyes which had been clogged up – seen how they had piled the earth along the edges of the field – and – that was what was different!

The piles of earth they had dug out of those dyes were no longer there! – the earth had been incorporated into the newly dug over field – what had seemed to be waste had been put to use.

What a wonderful picture of how God works – with Him nothing ever goes to waste. There are times when it seems as though life has been dug up and put on one side – no longer of any use – and yet – He hasn’t finished!

He always has a purpose and a use for whatever is in our lives. Wherever we find ourselves – we are never forgotten or forsaken by Him – and one day we may be surprised to see just what He has accomplished!

He will use our experiences – our pain – He will turn them over and cause us to grow and flourish once more.

I am so grateful – for the lessons He keeps showing me – and for the times when I live in the reality of those truths. I know that nothing in my life is wasted – and that truth is so very precious to me. May you know it too – many blessings – Lois

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  1. True that there is always a lesson or a comfort in every experience.


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