‘Leave It There’

Usually when I set off for my early morning walk – one of the first things that I do is to try to clear my mind – letting go of all the worries – cares – anxieties and anything that crowds in – in order to free my spirit – take in the peace that surrounds me – and to commune with God.

This is not the easiest thing to do though – for often as soon as I let them go – lay them down – I find myself picking them up again! I know that He has promised to carry those things for me – I have experienced so many times the freedom that this gives me – yet – there are times when I still struggle with letting go.

Maybe it’s part of who I am – part of my nature. I have to confess that I don’t ‘let go’ very easily – times when I hold onto things – carry them myself – (often literally too!) – as if I’m the only one who can do it. Yet – to truly trust God means that I have to allow Him to help me – to take control.

He knows just what I need – He knows all that happens in my life – and He cares – He offers to help me – to take some of the weight off my shoulders. How I need to heed Him – to really hand over all the things that I seek to carry on my own – to show Him that I trust Him – and learn to walk each day in the freedom He allows me – as I leave it all to Him – so – today I choose – as an old song says -to ‘take my burden to the Lord – and to leave it there’ –

Blessings on your day – Lois

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  1. Mark Ellson says:

    An old chorus we sang when I was growing up in The Salvation Army says: All your anxiety, all your care. Bring to the Mercy Seat, leave them there. Never a burden He cannot share. Never a friend like Jesus. (If you’re unfamiliar with Salvation Army customs the Mercy Seat or Penitent Form is a Form in front of the platform in a SA church which is a place of prayer. It derives from the Methodist Penitent rail or the Form around the Ark of Covenant).


    1. loisastwood says:

      Remember it well Mark


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