‘Cover Me’

One of the most special things for me – as I walk each day – is the sense of being completely surrounded by peace – quiet fields are on all sides – the sky seems to stretch out forever – and I am alone – yet – I am so conscious that actually I am far from being alone.

I so often get the feeling that I could reach out and touch that quiet and peace – there is more to it than simply the quiet of the countryside – I feel His Presence – His peace – and it covers me – I feel wrapped around – held close – and nothing else matters.

Whatever is happening in my life fades into the background as I allow myself to draw on that peace – to relax into it – to take it into the very depths of my soul.

It’s the peace that only God can give – and without that I don’t know where I would be – it’s so difficult to describe the feeling – the reality of His peace covering me as I walk – surrounding me completely – holding me so close.

I feel protected – and also ready – to face the day – clothed in that peace – a shield around me – a cover over me – and I feel so blessed – so grateful – my heart overflows once more in thanks to the One Who covers me so securely with His peace.

Blessings Lois

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