‘Find Your Pace’

As I set off for my walk this morning I began to walk at quite a brisk pace. I usually begin in this way as that part of the path is long and straight. pace 1Further on in my walk there are areas that I walk when my pace slows – allowing me to feel the silence – to allow the peace to enter my soul.

I love this quote – “Adopt the pace of Nature – her secret is Patience” – how true I find that as I walk in nature – especially in the quiet of the morning – so often adopting that attitude of patience and peace.

pace 5

However this morning – as I set off – my body ‘bade me to go slower’ – to adjust my pace – and allow my body to relax – to ease itself from the aches – pain and tiredness that had been more evident over the past days.

I ‘listened’ to my body – finding a pace that more suited the time and circumstance I was in – and as I did so – I was struck with the need to ‘find my pace’ in other areas of my life.

pace 2

Each one of us has our own pace – our own way of walking long the different paths of life – some will walk at a different pace to me – but that is fine – and normal – I need to allow myself to walk at my own pace – recognizing my own particular need and circumstances. As the quote says – “Your speed doesn’t matter – forward is forward”

I love that – love the fact that I don’t need to fret about the pace that I do my journey – as long as I am going forward – the best thing I can do is to find my pace – learn the pace and secret of nature – be patient – and move forward.

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