‘ Appreciation’

thank you 1Struggling to be ‘inspired’ as I walked today I was conscious of where my thoughts had been over the past days and weeks – with regard to my Blog. I had been feeling ‘guilty’ in a way – in that I had not responded to those who had taken the time to read my Blog – and to let me know. Those who had written lovely comments to me – encouraged and blessed me.

I have to confess that with the emotional ups and downs of life at the moment – and trying to concentrate on our upcoming move etc. – I have neglected following the posts of others on WordPress and responding to comments they – and friends online make.

thank you 3I ask you to forgive me – and to please know that I appreciate you all very much. It’s because of you all that I have been motivated and inspired to keep up my Blog week by week – whatever has been going on in my life.

thank you 6My aim is to bless and inspire others – to share my faith in the One Who walks with me everyday – The One Who is my constant strength and inspiration – that is what keeps me going.

thank you 2

Yet – you need to know that through your encouragements I am blessed – and so I thank you – and when life has settled down for us – I will seek to catch up with you all – to walk with you on your journey – as so many of you are walking with me on mine.

You are appreciated – and I thank you – blessings Lois



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  1. I can’t imagine how difficult this time has been for you, take your time and do what you need to do right now.

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