‘Offer Accepted!’

offer 2Over the past few weeks we’ve been house hunting – an often daunting and stressful experience at the best of times – but especially hard for us as the move is made necessary after the death of our lovely daughter in law. The three generations of us have lived together for the past six years and been very happy – now we have to begin a new chapter depleted by one – who has left such a big hole in our lives.

A few houses into our search we found ‘The One’! – the one that ‘spoke to our emotions’ – offer 4the one that felt it could be a very happy and comfortable place for us – and so we put in an offer.

The first offer was rejected – as was the second one! We went over our finances again and again and knew from our end we only had one chance left – if this – our final offer was rejected – then we would lose the chance of following our hearts.offer 1

What joy there was when the offer was accepted! – what relief too – now at least we could begin the process of moving – and difficult as that task might be – we had hope for the future.

I began to ponder – to think of the many times when God ‘puts in an offer’ – asks for the chance to ‘move in’ – to come and be with us. Yet – so many times we turn down that offer and so lose the best opportunity we can possibly be given.

His offer however far surpasses anything we might ask for – He willingly offers all that He has – His offer does not depend on the ‘condition of the house’ – He sees every fault – every area that needs work to be done – and desperately wants to get to work – to bring hope – joy – and love – even at such great cost to Himself.

offer 5

How can I not ‘accept His offer’ – turn my ‘home’ – my life over to Him – allow Him – welcome Him to make it His own – to dwell there – and to bring all He has to give – to improve – bless and love – His new home.



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  1. I’m glad to hear that your offer was accepted and you can move on to the next chapter.


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