‘Beneath The Leaves’

beneath 3It’s been so interesting walking past the fields of crops each day – and watching the steady growth and the changes they bring.

Walking  – past the fields where the sugar beet is growing – I was struck by how much growth there was above the ground – the abundance of leaves – yet it seems as though in most cases  these leaves just go for waste.

It made me ponder – how much is so often hidden – there can be plenty to be seen ‘above’ – yet what is happening ‘below’

beneath 2My life is rather like that – so much can be seen on the surface – but just how much of what is seen is ‘worthless’ and – what is happening underneath – is there good growth there?

Some of the tops of the sugar beet can just be seen – showing that growth has been happening – there is a wealth of goodness there.

beneath 4I can present a picture of good growth – simply show to others the ‘leaves’ but at the same time am I producing something worthwhile – am I growing strong – my heart pure – my attitude right.

I’m so glad that God sees ‘beyond the leaves’- not only does He see the growth – He sees the value of the growth beneath.

He’s the One Who nourishes that growth – gives of Himself – that I might be strong – the One Who sees the potential in me too – knows just what lies beneath the surface – and encourages me to be who He made me to be.



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  1. Yes, there is always something transformational going on beneath the surface of things, I think.


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