‘In His Time’

his time 1I don’t know about you – but I’m sort of impatient in some areas. When I decide to do something – or even get something – I want it quickly – I want things to happen ‘now’ and find it hard to wait – to bide my time. I’m reminded of a verse in scripture that says that ‘In His time – He makes all things beautiful’. I do believe that – yet I need to be willing to be patient – for the words say – ‘in His time’ – not in mine!!

I trust in His promises – and so – I learn to wait for Him. his time 4He is the One Who keeps His promises – for as the song ‘Way Maker’ expresses – ‘that is Who He is!’ So – during those times when everything seems dark – and as though nothing will be right again – He is still workinghis time 5 – as the words of the song go on to say – even when it seems as though nothing is happening – when I don’t see it – and when I don’t feel it – He is still working – his timeHe’s constantly working on my behalf – and will ‘make all things beautiful – in His time’.

So – I ask Him to show me everyday – to teach me His way – as I learn to trust that He will do as He says.

I pray too that my life will show the trust that I have in Him – that I will bring my songs to Him – and rest – in His timing.


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  1. Virginia says:

    Thank you Lois for this special word that touched my heart today! That beautiful song reminds me of my precious parents – I remember them singing it, and now I will sing it, too. Blessings to you.


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