‘Adapting With A Smile’

Those of you who read my blogs will know how much I love walking in the early mornings – walks that usually take me round the edges of the fields on the farm where we presently live. smile 4Yesterday I almost stayed in – the rain was quite heavy and walking the day before had left me soaking wet up to my knees from brushing past the wet grasses. But I decided that rather than give in – I would adapt – and walk through the village on the footpath – not quite the same – but far better than missing my walk and the peace and strength that brings to my soul. As this quote says – in order to reach my destination ( or to accomplish what I want ) – I may need to change direction.

Along with so many at this time – we are facing areas where we need to adapt our lives – even more so since we no longer have our beautiful daughter in law with us – needing to move home being one of the major ones.

smile 1I was inspired as I read a post from one of our nieces – she spoke of her first day back at work at the Country Inn in her village – and she said “I am so glad to be back at work and seeing our lovely customers again – even if it is through a Perspex visor – at least they can still see my smile – which is important!”

Thank you for your inspiration Kathryn – for simply stating something that is so important – our attitude when faced with situations that are strange and difficult – for that smile surely helped others – as they too tried to come to terms with adapting to a new and different way of doing things.

smile 2I love these two quotes from Mother Teresa – one of the things she is remembered for – is her smile – what an inspiration she is.

smile 3


My prayer is that – as we learn to adapt as a family – the love and light of Christ will shine through – that others will see ‘our smile’ – even though we may feel as if we are wearing a visor! Because the truth of the matter is that however much our world may change – however much we may need to adapt – He remains with us – guiding us – strengthening us and giving us the grace for each day – and for every situation that we may face. Blessings to you all – Lois


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