‘Rose Tinted Glasses’

IMG_1869I refuse to allow the rain to stop me from enjoying my early morning walks – so at times I will take my large umbrella with me – as I prefer not to have to wear the hood of my raincoat especially as the temperature is quite warm.

IMG_1864My umbrella is mainly blue in colour – but has a panel of bright yellow. As I walked along I noticed that if I had the yellow panel at the top and in front of me it made the path before me seem brighter – IMG_1865 (3)whereas – when the dark blue panel was in  that position – the path seemed darker.

I attempted to capture this – but am not sure that the pictures fully capture the difference. However – for me it was quite striking and reminded me of the saying – that we can view life through ‘rose tinted glasses’.rose 1

How true it is that the way we look at things in life can effect how we see them. We can choose to look through ‘the light’ and see so much that surrounds us – in that light – or we can look through a ‘darker lens’ and see only the shadows.

rose 2The light makes such a difference – colours seem more vivid – shadows are revealed for what they are – simply shadows – that can add to our lives – and not overcome them. If we choose to look we can always find the light – even when the dark is alongside us.rose 3

For me – Christ is that light – and it’s His light that shines always – if only I chose to see it – His light shines on the path before me – and allows me to see more clearly.



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