‘He Is My Constant’

constant 3As I look back over the year so far – a year that seems to be going by so fast – I am aware that we have faced – and still face – so many changes.

We have watched the news almost daily – to see if anything else has changed – with regard to the way we act in order to try to contain this terrible virus that has struck the world so suddenly.

Life has changed so much – for so many – and the future is uncertain. Loved ones have died – jobs have been lost – connection to family and friends has been impossible – and although we are hopeful that the worst might be over and life will begin to get back to normal – life is still so very uncertain.constant 1

What will the ‘new normal’ as we refer to the future look like? It seems that changes will be with us for a long time to come – and maybe forever.

Life always has been – and always will be – full of uncertainty – but just now the uncertainty seems greater.

How thankful I am that there is one thing that remains constant in my life – or should I say – there is One Who remains constant in my life. One on whom I can depend – to be there – always – to remain by my side – to never change – no matter how much the things around me may change.constant 2

Such knowledge grounds me – holds me firm in a world of such uncertainty – in the midst of so many changes that have come to my life – and any more that may come in the future.

He is my ‘constant’ – and so I have no fear for the future – whatever may happen – He is with me – He remains – the same each day – each week – each month – and as the years pass – He will still remain the same.

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