‘Face To Face’

face 4It’s been quite a learning curve for me over the past weeks as I have learnt how to FaceTime – Zoom – or Skype – all things that I have avoided before – although I’m not really sure why!

What a difference it has made during this time of Lockdown – to be able to see faces – faces of family and friends – as we chat together. I am so grateful for all the technology that is available to us.

face 3However great that has been though – it doesn’t compare to actually seeing someone in the flesh – as we have done in the past couple of weeks – when family and friends have come round – not all at once I hasten to add!

We have sat in the garden – keeping our social distance – and even though that has felt strange and far from normal – it has been wonderful simply to be able to talk ‘face to face’.face 1

My faith is built on hope – a hope that one day I will see the One I have loved and followed all my life – ‘face to face’. I have talked with Him – walked with Him – but as yet only seen Him – as though through a dark glass – but one day I shall see Him fully – and know Him fully. face 2

My thoughts so often turn to that hope – as I appreciate more and more seeing family and friends here – ‘face to face’ – so I look forward to that day when I shall not only see Him – but also all the family and friends – who have gone before – how wonderful it will be – ‘face to face’ once more.


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  1. We’ve all got to know so many different technologies recently and because we’ve had to do it, I think it’s made learning it easier. But yes, it is no substitute for the face to face.


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