‘He will Make A Way’

IMG_1737(1)Over the past few days – the pathway that I walk each day has become overgrown – the grasses reaching to my knees – and after a night of rain it became almost impossible for me to walk along.

IMG_1750(1)Although I had on my colourful wellington boots to keep my feet dry – the grasses would soak through my jeans – so I decided that rather than abandon my walk – I would look for a slightly different route.

IMG_1732(1)I didn’t have to look far  – just over the other side of the hedge from where I normally walk I found a track with just short grass. The ruts made by the farm machinery were quite deep – the mud quite wet – but it did enable me to keep dry.

way 2As I often am  – I was reminded of a song –

‘God will make a way’


I have always found that so true – whenever the path before me has seemed impassable – He has always made a way for me. way 1It may have meant changing my direction slightly – the way He showed me may not have been smooth – but He has made a way for me to carry on with my journey – He has guided me – held me closely and given me the love and strength that I have needed each day.

He will always make a way!




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  1. Virginia says:

    Lois, thank you for this word that encouragement my heart today. Your colorful wellington boots are too cool for words!!! 🙂


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