‘You Brighten My Day’

IMG_1705(1)It seems as I walk each day that there is always something that ‘brightens my day’. I may come across a fox – slinking away among the grasses –  or startle some deer – causing them to bound away over the nearby fields – hares flatten themselves to the ground – keeping those long ears down – maybe hoping they will not be seen.IMG_1572(1)

At other times it’s the small things in nature itself that surprise and delight me. A few weeks ago it was the humble dandelion – so often looked on as a nuisance – especially if it grows on lawns or other places where it is not wanted – and seen as a weed – instead of the quite startling wild flower that it is. The path before me was strewn with their wonderful  golden colour –IMG_1706(1) then days later I walked by the delicate white seed heads. lois 03




I was reminded of an old photo I had of myself as a child – holding out that flower for my mother to blow away the seeds.

IMG_1710(1)At the moment my pathway is strewn with yellow again – this time by the buttercups – masses of them brightening my day.

I guess we are always surrounded by things that can brighten our days – yet often have to be deliberate – take the time look – to see them – to appreciate the small things – and often those things are always there – yet remain unnoticed. Even the people in our ‘orbit’ can get overlooked – we can take them for granted – ‘walk by’ and forget to appreciate the colour that they bring to our  lives – and allow them too to ‘brighten our day’



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