‘Capture The Silence’

capture 2So many times over the past weeks – as I have enjoyed my early morning walks – I have been almost stopped in my tracks by the silence.

I feel it all around me – enveloping me – falling around me like a mantle – causing me to want to hold my breath – to stop walking – in order to hold onto the moment – to ‘capture’ the silence before it disappears.

capture 1There’s a ‘pureness’ about it – a sense of ‘holiness’ – of treading a ‘holy path’ – and I become more aware – more open – to the things around me. My senses are awakened in a new way – my ears hear – not only the wonderful sounds of nature – but His whisper to my soul. My eyes see – not simply the wonder of the creation – but His hand in my life. I feel Him – along with the sun on my face and the wind in my hair.capture 3

I long to hold onto this wonder – take this ‘sound of silence’ with me – yet am so aware that I need to get back to the ‘other sounds of life’.

So I hold it close – capture that moment in my heart and soul – carry it with me as I go – for truly – it is always there – just waiting for me to notice – to give myself to it – to create those moments – away from distractions – to experience it again – to still my life – breath it in – and allow my senses to respond.




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  1. Early morning is a special, silent time, and particularly silent at the moment. It can be hard to return to the bustle of the world.


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