‘What Is In Your Hand’

hand 1I find it so interesting to hear all the things that people are finding to do during this period of ‘lock down’. So many arts and crafts are being resurrected by those who in normal times have not been able to find the time to indulge in doing them.hand 6

There are the artists – painting and sharing their wonderful art. Masks – rainbows – blankets – etc  cleverly knitted and crochetedhand 7 – cakes baked – and often delivered to friends and neighbours.

Chef hands making a batter for delicious muffins in the kitchen

So much accomplished by so many.

I am reminded of a time in the life of Moses when He was asked by God – “What is in your hand” – he only had one thing – a very ordinary rod – yet that was the very thing that God chose to use – to show Who He was to those around.

hand 8You may feel that you only have something very ‘ordinary’ in your hand that you are not especially creative – but there is always something that you can use – you do hold something in your hand and – if you are willing to use it – you can demonstrate Who God is to those around you.

It may be that you are good with words – use them – hand 4write that note of encouragement – share your thoughts – phone someone just to chat – so many people are missing the sound of another voice. hand 9One of the most precious things we can give another person is ourselves – our time – and while you may not be able to physically be with someone you can still give of your time and make your precense felt.

I have been challenged myself as I have pondered on what ‘I hold in my hand’ – challenged to use what I have to reach out to others and not simply use it for my own pleasure – to lay it down before Him and allow Him to show Himself to those around me.

May you be blessed as you see what you have in your hand – and may others be blessed as you allow God to use it – Lois


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