‘We’ll Meet Again’

My thoughts this morning drifted towards the VE celebrations that will be held, virtually of course! tomorrow, to mark the ending of the second world war in Europe.

As part of those celebrations there will be a special rendition by Dame Vera Lynn and Katherine Jenkins of the song ‘We’ll Meet Again’.

I was pondering on those words, written by Ross Parker and Hughie Charles in 1939, and trying to imagine the sort of emotions the words evoked. The soldiers fighting a long way from home quite possibly felt both hope and fear as all around them their comrades were being killed. I guess it’s possible that the same could be said for those back home too, everyone holding onto the hope that one day they would be reunited with loved ones.

I didn’t have to live through those times, yet there have been times in my life when that hope has been in my heart and soul.

I am so thankful for a strong faith, a faith that assures me, gives me the confidence that I will see those I grieve for once again. I don’t know when, but I do know that I will see them in the place He has prepared for us.

I am comforted in my belief that they have gone to a better place, a place free from sorrow, from pain and that they wait for me there and we will meet again.

One thing we have all missed during this time of ‘lockdown’ is being  able to meet with friends and family. Yes we connect by various social media platforms, for which I am very grateful, yet that is simply no comparison to meeting in person.

As our nation is encouraged to sing this song tomorrow, we will sing it with hope, looking forward to the end of social distancing, but at the same time we will recognise that the words have a greater poignance for many others.

I pray that hope will arise in all our hearts and the words ‘we’ll meet again’ will strengthen our faith and bring comfort to our souls.

How those words bring comfort to my soul

Ease the pain of grief and loss

Fill my heart with hope 

How sweet will be the reunion

What precious moments we will share

As face to face and side by side

We will meet again 

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