‘It’s Friday – But Sunday’s Coming’

IMG_1407(1)It’s only a matter of weeks ago that the fields were awash – floods disrupted so much – there was hardship – fear – and an uncertainty about the future.

During this time however the farmers were busy – it seemed that they took advantage of not being able to carry on as normal and got on with any jobs that they could do – the ditches were cleared out – hedges cut – surrounding areas tidied up. IMG_1496(1)

Now -as I’ve walked the fields around the farm – for my daily walk during this ‘at home season’ – it’s been so exciting and encouraging to see the newly sown fields already sprouting with their crops.IMG_1489


We’re living through difficult times – experiencing hardship – fear and uncertainty about the future – and I am so encouraged to see so many who are using this time to ‘clean out the ditches’ as it were. Those who are putting their energies into finding positive things to do – who are using the time constructively – and waiting for the time when they can begin the process of ‘planting’ again – of moving on to the next stage of their lives.

This time will be over – the dark days will pass – and we will hopefully live with a new view of life – appreciate things more – value being together and appreciate life at a deeper level.

Friday 1Today is Good Friday – when we remember a dark time – what must have been a fearful time for the followers of Christ – their lives were changed – their future uncertain.

They did not have the advantage that we have – from our present day perspective. We know that Easter Sunday dawned – afresh with hope – Christ rose from the dead – making the way for a total new start – a new way of life.

Friday 4


So – although we may feel a little like the followers of Christ did – on that first Good Friday – we may feel fearful – wondering what the future may hold – but – we can put our trust in Him – and as we place our confidence in Him – let’s see what ‘ditches we can dig’ – how we might better prepare for the future – and wait for the new life that will come.

Remember – it may feel like Friday – but – Sundays coming – many blessings Lois

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  1. A lovely message of hope, thank you Lois.


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