‘Walking In The Sunshine’

IMG_1449(1)I feel so very blessed to live here in the countryside. The house we rent is on a farm – where each day I can walk around the fields and enjoy the peace and quiet – no risk of having social contact with anyone!

It truly is solace for the soul.

IMG_1443(1)During the past weeks there have been many days with periods of sunshine and I’ve managed to coincide my walks during those sunny spells.

Yesterday as I walked I kept switching form one side of the track to the other – as part of it was in the shade and the other part in the sunshine.

How different it feels to walk in the sun. Where the sun shines I feel its warmth – everything is brought into a sharper perspective – colours enhanced – shapes sharpened.

As I walked I was conscious that the choice was mine – I could chose to walk in the shade – or in the sunshine.

sunshine 1Life for us is much the same. The paths we walk often have patches of ‘shade’  there are times when we cannot feel the sun – but we can chose to look for those sunny patches – where there is light – and walk in them – finding that as we do so – the shadows disappear.

There is One Who is The Light – Who lights up the way before me – Who provides the warmth that I need as I emerge from the shady places. His light shows me the brighter picture – lifts my eyes to see more colour and beauty. I feel the warmth of His Presence – and my soul is flooded with light.sunshine 2

So – even when the sun is not shining as I walk – I will remember that for me – I can always walk in His light – chose to come out of the shadows – and walk with Him.

I pray that you too will seek the ‘sunshine’ – chose to come out of the shadow and walk in the ‘sunshine of His love’ – and my prayer for you today is – that He will bless you – keep you – and cause His face to shine on you  – and give you peace.

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  1. Very true Lois, I hope you feel some of that sun today.


  2. knsander97 says:

    Blessings to you my sweet friend xox


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