‘An Eternal Perspective’

eternal 3The whole world is changing – our lives as we have always known them are changing. As more and more restrictions are put upon us – as we face difficulties and challenges in our social – financial and emotional lives we find that so often our perspective on life changes too.

We have to make adjustments – learn to live differently – and our perspective – the way we look at – and see things is very important.

Our perspective so easily effects our focus – our day to day – and even the way we live out our lives – therefore how we chose to see things through the coming days and weeks can change the whole experience for us – for better – or for worse.

IMG_1427(1)Yesterday we held the most surreal funeral service for our wonderful and gracious daughter-in -law – (who was truly a daughter to us).

Even as we gathered together – staying apart – and with numbers limited – we sought to put things into perspective – during this time of world wide crisis. We were aware that even just two weeks ago we had been able to physically gather together over a period of four days – to grieve and comfort one another – this perspective changed the way we saw things – as we were conscious that many over the coming weeks and months will not have that sort of opportunity.

eternal 2We were so proud of our son as he spoke of – ‘an eternal perspective’ – quoting from a book about heaven – (written by someone whose child had just died) – he said –

“Death is not the end of the road – it is only a bend in the road. The tomb is not an entrance to death – but to life. The sepulchre is not an empty vault – but the doorway to heaven.

Our deep grief – deep and painful as it is – and will be – is temporary. From the very first minute it was tinged with the colour of victory. As a family – with God’s help – we will finish our own race to be run – we will climb our mountains. But in eternal terms – it is such a short time – and then we will be with her again. There will be a whole new eternity and function to get stuck into together”.eternal 1


As a family we find these words so true – and so – even in our grief we have that hope – to us so certain and sure. We fix our eyes on the eternal and walk together in the strength God gives us each day.

I pray that as you may face many difficulties and challenges over the coming weeks – you will lift your eyes – gain that eternal perspective – and run your race well.

Many blessings – Lois


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  1. knsander97 says:

    I am so sorry for your loss Lois
    Sending you prayers
    Kylie xox


  2. Thinking about you all Lois.


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