‘He Unravels My jumbled Thoughts’


The other day a dear friend sent me this message – ‘Jesus is good at puzzling out our thoughts and working out what we really want to say to Him’.

She also sent an accompanying picture – of ‘a jumbled prayer’ – I really love it as it sums up where I sense we’re all often at in our praying.

unravel 1



This friend has gone through some very tough times – and found that this was so very often their own experience as they prayed – yet they had the confidence to know that He understood exactly what they meant and felt – however jumbled their prayer might seem. unravel 4I just love that thought – He always knows what is in our hearts – and we don’t have to be able to express ourselves in a particular way – He listens and understands – and as we simply place our trust in Him – then miracles can happen.unravel 3




A wonderful thought is expressed in Scripture – where we are encouraged that He does our praying for us – ‘making prayer out of our wordless sighs and our aching groans’. So therefore I have confidence that He is listening – He reads my heart – understands completely – and can sort out and unravel – all my jumbled thoughts.


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  1. Mark Ellson says:

    Inspiring words as usual Lois. Look up a song called ‘Somebody prayed for me’ on YouTube. God bless, Mark

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    1. loisastwood says:

      Thank you Mark for your comments and the song suggestion – it’s a great song I guess I’ll play that a lot – blessings Lois


  2. knsander97 says:

    This is so very true Lois.
    I feel no matter how I feel God understands me and that is enough for me.
    Lovely blog post hon xox

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