‘Praise Where Praise Is Due’

praise 1As I sit this morning I am full of thankfulness for what God has done and is doing – and I realised that what I really needed to do was to – ‘give praise where praise was due’ – and to publicly do that here on my blog.

I do hope that you will all understand – even if you do not share the same faith as I do – having my faith is who I am – and so when I write here I need to be true to myself.


So – here is a quick explanation of one of the reasons I ‘give thanks’ today.

Just over a year ago it was discovered that the rotator cuff tendon in my right shoulder had become detached – this caused quite a bit of pain but was manageable.

praise 5A few months later I experienced a rather traumatic pain when the biceps tendon in the same shoulder detached itself. This left me with restricted movement in my right arm.

As the weeks went on I began to experience more pain in my left shoulder – so scans were scheduled to see what was happening – the result showing that I now had 3 tendons detached on my right shoulder and 2 on my left shoulder. This was beginning to severely restrict movement and cause more severe pain.

praise 6During this time we as a family were facing a situation that made us totally dependant on God – and were filling the house with prayer and worship to Him. As all this was happening I was suddenly aware that the pain level in my shoulders had lessened – and I had full movement in my arms.praise 4

All I could put it down to was an overflow of Gods love – and grace – as we chose to worship Him.

So – here I am – giving thanks to Him with all my heart – and telling of His wonderful deeds – giving Him ‘praise where praise is due’.

May His love overflow to you today.





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  1. Virginia says:

    Lois, so glad your arm/shoulder are doing better – that pain is excruciating! Thanks be to God! Blessings and hugs (careful ones.) Virginia

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