‘Make Me A CHannel Of Your Peace’

channel 1All this past week I have constantly had the words of this song in my head – in fact – I have played it first thing every morning – and am intending to make it my daily prayer.

Apparently, the prayer was published anonymously – but thereafter known as the prayer of St Francis and has become a very popular song – I love listening to different artists singing it – bringing various responses to my soul. channel 8

I find as I listen to the words of this prayer that my spirit is challenged every time – it’s not always easy when you encounter hatred – or experience injury to your soul – to love and to pardon – and we can all have those moments in life when doubt creeps in and will test our faith. channel 5

This prayer however  – is not simply for ourselves – but for bringing peace to others – where we see despair – to bring hope – and in the darkness to light the way – guiding and helping others in their sadness – to find true joy.

channel 5Much as I find the words of the previous verses challenging – this third verse is probably the one that challenges me the most. When I am the one who is wanting to be consoled when I struggle – or want to be understood – and of course loved – how hard it can be to put others first – to be willing to console them – to understand – and to truly love with all my soul.channel 5

I need to understand this last verse if I truly want to be that channel for God’s peace to flow to others – for as I give – so I will receive and as I’m willing to die to my own self – then I will receive His life.



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