‘Find Your Rhythm’

book 7I’m always so glad to get back into a routine after a break – I find myself getting confused as to even what day it is – and while a change is great – there’s something comforting to me in knowing just where I am and in having at least some sort of normality about my days.

Yet -I’m seeking to see each day as a new day – to see each morning as the first day of the rest of my life – and to make it worth something. To be willing to embrace whatever comes along – to put my all into whatever I’m doing – to make each day worth remembering.book 5

I guess much as I do like routine – some of it can seem very ordinary – even tedious at times – yet – if I find my own rhythm to dance to – the ordinary can become almost extraordinary.

book 3




book 2

To sense the rhythm of the day – to move with it – to hear the music – allow myself to simply ‘be me’ – to sing my own song.

To hear my heart – sense the stirrings in my soul – to dance my way through each day to the rhythm of life that is within me.

book 6God has made us all unique – yet how often do we end up dancing to the rhythms we hear around us – and singing the songs we hear others sing – instead of following the rhythm of our own life – unique as God intended –  making each day special and finding joy in the ordinary. May you find your rhythm today.








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