‘I can’t Fix This’

fix 3Over the past couple of weeks – we have only just been managing to get our laundry done – the washing machine had developed a fault and we had been trying to get around it in order to get the washing cycle to complete its process. By switching the program off and waiting for varied amounts of time – we had managed to get around the problem – however – this was definitely something that was beyond our understanding and needed resolving – so we had to call in an expert.fix 1

In no time at all the problem was diagnosed and fixed! – all quickly sorted out by one who knew the workings of the machine and had the tools at hand.

It got me wondering – just how many times do I try to sort things out myself when they go wrong – or keep on trying to work around the problem when I know it’s not going to go away – I don’t just do it with ‘things’  – but even where I myself am concerned – instead of seeking help with the problem.

fix 2I came across this interesting quote – encouraging us to admit we need help – and how – by not asking for help-  we deny someone the opportunity to reach out to us – to use their gifts – and for them to be blessed by helping others.

There is always someone to whom we can go for help – we can’t always ‘fix things’ ourselves – and help can always be found.

fix 5However – there are times when the Only One we can call on is God – when He is the only One Who knows just what to do – He made us and knows us – in Him is all that’s needed to ‘fix us’ – whatever the problem might be.

I guess we could all save ourselves a lot of trouble if we would call on help – realize that we simply don’t have all the answers – call on the help of those around us – allow them to use their God-given gifts – and remember that we can call on Him at any time – He promises to answer us – and knows exactly how to ‘fix it’.

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  1. Laurie says:

    Oh, yes…how many times have I thought I could handle issues on my own, when I should be asking God for His help. Thank you for this good reminder.

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