‘Be There In The Moment ‘

Days rush by – for some the busyness and excitement of Christmas goes on – some are simply relieved that the painful reminders of loss or loneliness are over -while others are already getting ready for the next stage of their lives to begin – especially with the new year approaching.live 1

If we’re not careful we can live our lives focusing on ‘what’s next’ – and miss out on what is happening right now.

live 3Often without realizing it we only give part of our attention to the things we are doing – or to the people we are with. We can feel we are only being half listened too – yet – if I’m totally honest – I do the same with others – I allow my mind to wander – am focused on what I must do next – where I must be next – or even who I should talk to next!live 2

So – I guess what I want to do today is to make the most of each moment – of each connection – of each conversation – to fully engage with whoever I am with or whatever I am doing – to learn and to practice – really being present in each moment I have.

live 4This does not mean that we never give thought to ‘what’s next’ of course – or stop remembering the past – or planning the future – but simply seeking to be more aware of the present – and truly being in it.

So – as you look forward to whatever life holds for you next -I pass on this ‘prayer’ to you and wish you days filled with blessings – days that bring joy – not just to yourself – but to others too.

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  1. They say that even during a conversation we’re always waiting to jump in with our opinion! I think being in the moment is always the best way, but not always easy šŸ™‚ Wishing you presence today Lois.


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