‘The Source Of My Strength’

sourse 2Dinner was almost ready – but as I reached into the oven to check if all was done – I felt a painful twinge in my upper arm. Standing up quickly I felt at my arm to discover a strange bulge! – and felt extreme pain. With help – dinner was served and eaten – accompanied by a discussion on what I should do. source 1I really did not relish an evening spent sitting in A&E – and yet  felt there was no option as I needed to check what had happened and find out what I needed to do.

So – off we went! Our wait was not as long as we had expected and after consultation it was confirmed that I had ruptured a tendon in my biceps – and the only thing to do is to wait for it to heal – so at least I knew what I needed to know and just had to get on with life!

Needless to say I had an almost sleepless night – with my body full of pain.  I knew as I rose in the morning that I needed to go to the ‘source’ – the source from which I draw my strength – the source where I can restore my soul – where I can sit and rest – be renewed.source 3

So often I am drawn to Him – my ‘source’ as I gaze on His creation – as I look to the heavens – contemplate the wonderful work of His hands – feast my eyes on the colours around me – open my ears to hear sounds of the birds –  feel the gentle breeze on my face – or the sun warming me.

However – the sky was dark and grey – a cold and frosty morning- I could not open my doors – enjoy employing all of my senses in order to feel near to Him – yet – none of that mattered in a way – for He is always there – always present with me – I can draw close to Him even when maybe so much seems against me – my body – my surroundings – yet – they do not hinder me – and I feel Him – draw from Him.

source 4So – I found my ‘rest’ – I felt renewed – my soul was quietened within me – as I let go of all the stresses and tensions that I had carried.

I was strengthened – drawing from the source of all life – I filled myself with Him – with His love – His strength and power – His enabling – and was now far better equipped to face my day – whatever it had in store – knowing I was in a better place to relax – to let go – to rest in His strength.


I drink – from the waters that flow from Him – my source

I gain strength – from Him who is the source of all strength

I rest –  in the One Who calls me to come – to Him – the source of all rest


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  1. I hope that you’re fully recovered now Lois, or if not that you’re drawing on that strength to get you to the other side of the pain!


    1. loisastwood says:

      Getting there thank you Andrea it will probably take a while but I’m feeling good 💕

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