navigate 1Yesterday – travelling to places we had been to before – we decided not to bother connecting to the navigation app.

When ‘navigation systems’ first came out years ago I hated them – I simply couldn’t cope with listening to an abstract voice telling me when and where to turn – I much preferred planning out a route and following a map. However in recent years I have found them very useful at times – especially in finding a particular address or destination that I am not familiar with.

navigate 5Using the app only last week – following a part of the journey we were making yesterday – it directed us on a different route – which we chose to ignore. We encounter no problems on the route we chose to take – even though a road sign had told us that the ‘road ahead was closed’. So yesterday – not following any instructions we merrily went the same way – ignoring the same road sign – but this time encountered the road ahead totally shut off due to severe flooding! We turned around  and decided that we might be better with some help – so turned on the navigation app which directed us easily around a different route and onto our destination. If I’d only switched on that app earlier we would have been saved the hassle of having to retrace our steps – as we would have been guided round the road closure in the beginning.

So many of us are surrounded by flooded roads at the moment and it’s likely we are using our navigation apps in order to help us get around the problems and hold ups we are encountering on our journeys.

navigate 2Each day we can encounter problems on life’s journey – obstacles that we had never anticipated take us by surprise – yet how many times do we ‘tune in’ to the ‘Master navigator’ – listen to His voice – trust our journey to Him.

He knows the best route for us. Maybe sometimes we need to go by a different route – a longer route – or even struggle through a difficult path – but if we will allow Him – He will guide us. He promises to be a lamp for our feet and  light to our path as we navigate through this life

navigation 5Our navigation systems will not always be right – but we can trust Him – He is the best navigator we can have – He sees the way ahead – knows the end from the beginning.navigate 4

Sometimes we only ask Him to guide us when we feel unsure of our journey – but fail to do so when we feel as though we’re on familiar ground – much as I did yesterday. We think we can find our way easily enough without Him and only connect when we face uncertainty and are not confident on which path we need to take.

Yet even on ‘familiar ground’ the unexpected can happen – but He sees – He knows what’s ahead – all we need to do is to connect – to ask – and He will guide us.


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  1. loisastwood says:

    Just posted a new post and it will not share on Facebook for some reason. Most disappointed


  2. knsander97 says:

    I love this post and my favourite words about the lamp that lights my path. Very poignant words that stick with me. Enjoyed your post as always xxx Kylie


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