‘Changed Forever’

IMG_1193(1)It seems as though we may be in for some dry weather – after all the rain we’ve had over what must be weeks now. Floods have caused so much chaos  – damage and loss – lives have been changed forever. The river in our village rose very high – farmers are having to come to terms with the fact that their fields are flooded.change 3

So many of us have experienced times in our lives when situations and circumstances have changed our lives forever – a bereavement – job loss – sickness – we feel that we can never ‘get over’ the situation – yet – somehow we have to ‘get through it’.

Often after such changes have happened in our lives things seem to ‘get back to normal’ – ‘life goes on’ – but fundamentally things have changed forever. Our outlook on life – our values – livelihoods – family lives – and often our faith is affected – challenged – and changed.

change 5I’m thankful for a faith in a God Who never changes – One Who I can trust- even when I can’t see the way – when I don’t understand – when everything around me changes.

I often comment that – without the faith that I have – I truly don’t know how I would live my life. I’ve seen many changes – life seemingly turned upside down – and some of those things have changed me – but – I pray that they have changed me in a good way – in a positive way.

change 4


We cannot control a lot of the things that happen in our lives – but we can control our response to them – as we seek to ‘get back to normal’ – our attitude can have a big impact – not just on ourselves but on others too.

Life may have changed for you – you may feel you’ve been dealt a raw deal – that things can never ‘get back to normal’. I pray that you will be  strengthened – able to allow your circumstances to change you – to make you a better person – stronger – wiser – more able to empathise with others when their lives are changed – help them too – and find that ‘being changed forever’ can be a good and positive experience.

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  1. Change always comes whether we like it or not and sometimes it does leave us in a better and stronger place – it just doesn’t feel very comfortable at the time!


    1. loisastwood says:

      Certainly not – it can be very hard at times and rake a lot of grace – strength and determination šŸ’•

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