‘Let It Overflow’

overflow 3I’d been conscious of the sound of rain drumming on the window all through the night – rising in the morning to a dark and very wet day.

My thoughts turned to those who had – for one reason or another – been in the unfortunate position of having to sleep outside – in the cold – in the wet – how miserable must they feel this morning – how difficult to begin their day soaking wet – cold – hungry.

Sitting here – -warm and dry – I can hardly imagine how it must feel – and yet sadly this scenario is played out up and down our land – every day.

A difficult situation – and I have to admit – one that so often rises questions in our minds – the ‘whys’ – the temptation to believe the worst about people in these situations.

Yet how often have I heard stories of how suddenly an individual has lost everything – through no fault of their own – and found themselves with nothing – and nowhere to go.

overflow 1My heart is touched today. I am challenged – my very attitude to this ever present problem pushed into the light – for me to see – to examine – to consider my part – and I find the words of a song buzzing round in my head

“Holy – there is no one like You – there is none beside You -open up my eyes with wonder – show me Who You are and fill me with Your heart –  and lead me in Your love – to those around me”

May I be more willing to be filled with His love – compassion and a passion for those less fortunate – to see through His eyes – to feel with His heart and to be willing to be led to those around me.

overflow 2Another song that stirs my soul goes like this – 

Stir a passion in my heart God – let it overflow – let it rise – Holy fire burn inside”

How I need to allow His passion to truly overflow in my life – to really see others as He sees them – to let go of indifference – and in the words of St Francis – reach out with love – pardon – faith – hope and understanding.

I make that prayer mine today – as I ask Him to overflow in my life.

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  1. An insightful post Lois, it’s true that we can struggle to be compassionate in these situations.

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    1. loisastwood says:

      Thank you for your comment Andrea – you are a source of encouragement – blessings to you – Lois

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