‘Leaving a trail’

trails 3As the sun was rising yesterday the sky was full of the trails of planes criss crossing overhead – made almost golden by the suns rays – evoking memories of trips to far flung places – of people – of rich life experiences we have been so priveledged to enjoy.

trails 4


As I allowed my mind to wander – I thought of the many trails left behind – trails of the steam engines of my childhood – causing memories to arise of that unique smell – especially being emitted at the station – and bringing with those memories the feelings of excitement- anticipation – of trips that opened up my life.trail 5

The trail of a ships wake – leaving a port – sailing away – holds memories that will never be forgotten – memories of sadness at leaving behind so much that was so special – so precious – yet memories to cherish and memories that took us on a great journey of such richness – that has enhanced our lives –  allowed us to meet so many wonderful people – and given us so much richness to share with others.

trails 6Lifes journeys do leave a trail behind – but – what of my life – as I travel along through my lifes journey – do the trails I leave behind help to enrich the lives of others – leave special lasting memories.

IMG_1137(2)We remembered the life of my only sister this past week – a life that spanned 75 years – years of so many accomplishments – but most of all – years that left behind a trail – of kindness and strength – a trail of friendships made and kept – of lives touched so often by her thoughtfulness – a trail of commitment and love – trails of so many memories for so many people.trails 5 I dedicate this post to her in thankfulness for the trails she left for us all.

So – as I continue to walk through my life – I pray that the trails I leave will be trails of Gods love – His goodness – His grace and the joy that flows from Him.



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  1. The trails we leave behind – visible and invisible – fascinate me.

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  2. What a beautiful tribute to your sister and message for all of us, Lois. Thank you!


  3. knsander97 says:

    Lois a truly precious blog post and many points to think about whenever I read them.
    Blessings to you


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