‘Wear Your Crown’

crown 1The other day I was blessed to be a part of a session aimed to help a group of ladies to improve their self image and confidence – I dedicate this blog to the wonderful lady who took the session – ‘thankyou Alison – you wear your crown well’

The session included – ‘knowing who we are – and wearing our crown’ –  ‘how we can improve our self worth – taking control’ – and ‘learning to recognise what suits us the best – colours’.

As the session began it soon became evident that simply talking of ‘wearing our crowns’ – recognising our worth – was having an impact.

As the session moved on I watched faces change – light up – nervousness disappear – wonder appear as the right colours transformed the way these ladies saw themselves.

crown 2Small things were added – a necklace – a scarf – a lipstick colour – emphasising the way that even a little thought can bring about a big change.

I watched these ladies – many of them walking away feeling taller – and walking taller – recognising their worth – and hopefully remembering to ‘wear their crowns’.

That thought of ‘wearing our crowns’ has stayed with me – and it is such an important thing for us to do – to recognise who we are – made in Gods image – a unique individual. crown 3There is no reason we should compare ourselves – feel less than others – less than who we are. We should hold up our heads – walk tall – enjoy being who we are.

Yes – we can learn to make the most of ourselves – but – first of all – we need to see who we are – rejoice in the fact that we are unique – and loved by God – just as we are – and proudly wear the crown that He has given us.crown 4


No matter what has happened in our lives – or what is happening at this moment in time – we just need to remember whose child we are – and set our crowns straight – and walk tall – in the confidence that He crowns us with His steadfast love and tender mercy.


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  1. Carol Nicholls says:

    So true thanks for sharing. X


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