‘Leave it There’

leave it - 2My heart was heavy today – full of sorrow – a heaviness was descending on  me – so – I did the only thing that I could do – I went to my ‘quiet place’ and shared it all with the One Who has promised – not only to walk with me through these times – but Who promises  that He will also carry such burdens for me.

I’m old enough to recall words from some of the old hymns that we used to sing – one that came to mind this morning speaks of bringing all our anxieties and cares to Him – for He cares and knows all about us.leave it - 3

It’s such a privilege – such a relief – to be able to be honest about how I feel – to place them all at His feet – knowing He understands exactly what it is I’m struggling with – just what it is that I’m finding so hard and so heavy to carry.

Yet – even as I recognise the relief in being able to ‘unburden’ myself in this way – I also know how easily I can pick all these things back up again. leave it - 4

It’s one thing to take all my heaviness – sorrow – anxiety – even anger – to Him – but quite another thing to be able to leave it all with Him.

So often I will find myself still carrying around those same feelings that I brought to Him – that I laid down.

leave it - 5

So today – as I come and lay down those things that could so easily become a burden too heavy for me to carry – I determine too – to walk this time in my life with Him not only by y side – but also – allowing Him to carry my burden for me.

I also pray that whatever you may be  carrying – you will give to Him – and allow Him to walk alongside and carry it all for you.

I cast all my anxiety on Him – because I know He cares for me.

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  1. Dave says:

    Great blog post! and I can totally relate to this in my own life. I just tell my self to let it go or let it be and the feeling subsides. But sometimes it takes a wee while.

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  2. Such a beautiful post, Lois. Thank you for sharing your heart with us here. 🙏🏾

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