‘Telling The Story’

IMG_1078 (Edited)IMG_1079 (Edited)This week we had the privilege of telling part of our ‘story’ – the years we spent with Mercy Ships – taking hope and healing to the west coast of Africa – on both the Anastasis and the Africa Mercy.

IMG_1082 (Edited)They were great years – full of ups and downs – so many memories – so many wonderful people.

In the telling of some of our experiences we were struck once again by the faithfulness of God – Who had called us to serve Him in this way.

He promises that He will equip us for the work He calls us to do – that He will give us the strength we need – that He will go before us and always be beside us.story 4

story 3Recalling those times we were reminded – as we so often are – of the faithfulness of God in our lives – never once has He let us down – life has had it’s good times and its hard times – but God’s faithfulness has never faltered or failed.

As I write – the words of a song are going round in my head –  ‘All my life You have been faithful – all my life You have been so – so good – with every breath that I am able – I will sing of the goodness of God’story 5


I am so thankful that today I can not only look back at God’s faithfulness – but look forward to His continued faithfulness – as we walk further on the path He has set before usstory 2 – enabling us to add to our ‘story’ and pass it on – in order to encourage and bless others.

As God writes our story – we will tell it.

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