‘Your Promise Still Stands’

IMG_0813I write this – on the day we celebrate our 53rd Wedding Anniversary – in thankfulness to my husband – who’s promise still stands today – after all these years.

Thank you for standing with me – through thick and thin – and continuing to make true your promises to me – I’ve loved my life with you – and still love you today.

As I pen the words ‘Your promise still stands’ – I quote the words of a song – ‘Your promise still stands – great is your faithfulness – I’m still in Your hands – this is my  confidence – You’ve never failed me yet’promise 1 – a great song that continues to stir my faith and rejoice in the truth that has been our experience over so many years – a song that speaks of the One Who has been so instrumental in Phil and I being able to keep those promises that we made to one another all those years ago.promise 2




Phil and I met at ‘sweet 16’ – both of us at that stage in our lives already having decided to live in the light of the promises that God had given to us – promises to forgive us – to love us – to give us hope and a future – and what a future that has turned out to be!

Life has had so many twists and turns – challenges – blessings – opportunities – and love beyond measure from the One Who has kept all His promises to us – never has He let us down – never has He left us – stopped loving us – –  He has walked with us all the time.

So – as we celebrate today – we first of all acknowledge Him – and sing the song –

Your promise still stands – great is Your faithfulness

I’m still in your hands -this is my confidence -You’ve never failed me yet

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