‘Behind The Scenes’

behind 1I shall be attending an annual camping event over this long bank holiday weekend – actually  it’s true I shall be attending and in fact working as a volunteer a lot of the time – but I will not be camping – my camping days are over and as I live only a short drive away I shall be coming home for a shower and sleeping in my comfortable bed!

For many weeks – and in some cases months – behind the scenes work has been going on  to make sure everything is ready for this weekend.

I wonder just how many of the people who will attend ever think about all that has to happen to make events like this work – and – it’s not just in forward preparation – but continual behind the scenes work all during the event.behind 2

Most of this behind  the scenes work is done by volunteers – those who are always there in the background – making sure everything runs smoothly – quietly serving – giving of their time in order to allow others to enjoy the event as much as possible.

So many people work very hard behind the scenes every day – in all areas of our lives – many remain unnoticed – the work that they do almost taken for granted – behind 3I need to be more aware as I go about day by day – realise that my life is made easier for me by those who have worked to make it so.

As I prepare for this weekend – I want to thank all those working at this moment behind the scenes – and those who will work during the weekend – ‘Thankyou’ in advance for all that you do – you are appreciated.



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  1. I hope you enjoy your weekend Lois. Happy ‘camping’!


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