‘First Day’

day 4Over this past week there have been so many ‘posts’ on social media about ‘first days’ –day 3  babies first day at nursery – young childrens first day at ‘proper school’ – young teens first day at secondary school – first days at college – university – etc.

One grandson of ours – who is going into his second year at Uni – has moved out to shared accommodation with his friends – another grandson has just started his first paid job – after working so long in the volunteer sector.

So many experiencing the ups and downs of those ‘first days’ – which can be so hard and scary for some – and exciting for others.

day 2Often there is a great mixture of emotions to contend with – yet without these experiences we cannot grow and develop – learn to become independent – to find our own way in life.

Life is full of those first days – there’s always something on the horizon – new first days to challenge us.day 7


It can be ‘scary’ – yet exciting – stepping into new experiences – but I want to continue to experience ‘first days’ – even as I get older – look for them – embrace them – never allow myself to settle where I am – but to be willing to open yet another door – face another challenge – begin a new chapter – and walk with confidence into all my ‘first days’ yet to come – a new dawn – a new day – a new life – and I’m feeling good!



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  1. Carol Nicholls says:

    Thanks for sharing x


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