congrats 1Congratulations are in order this week for many of our young people as they celebrate their exam success -I myself send congratulations – all the best for the future – and for their dreams to be realised.

Many have worked hard and long and so deserve the results that they have gained – however – not every one is overjoyed – sadly there are many who are disappointed – both with their results – and also – with themselves.congrats 6

It’s so important at times like this to be aware of those who need encouraging – who need positive input into their lives – who need to feel valued – not simply for what they may have achieved – but valued for themselves.

congrats 4They need encouragement to carry on – to try again – maybe help to pursue other options open to them – to take pride in how far they have come – to believe they can go even further – and for this they need our support – to know that we are proud of them – we celebrate them – for who they are – and help them to move on.

congrats 5

Not everyone can achieve great things academically – but everyone achieves something worth celebrating -congratulations need to be given for even the small accomplishments in life.

congrats 2

Never miss an opportunity to celebrate – to raise a glass – to acknowledge each milestone in each others lives – however small they may seem – recognise and celebrate the constant movement of our lives


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