‘Focus On The Good’

good 7In no way do I intend to get into any political debate – but recently I was struck by the amount of ‘possible negative outcome’ that was spoken – in order to re-enforce the speakers own political view – instead of being willing to see where’ possible positive outcomes’ may occur.

Of course we’re used to hearing this sort of thing – anything said – or promised – to get people to agree.

good 4I do wonder though just how much this effects us in our own lives – when looking to the future in particular – how much do we see negative – instead of positive. OK – this may not be motivated by ‘politics’ – or even to get others to agree with us – but sadly does seem to permeate our culture.

good 6



We do seem to focus on what may go wrong – or even – what has already gone wrong – instead of looking forward – seeing the future as an opportunity for more positive things to happen – and even putting effort into making good things happen – of looking for something good in every day.

good 1


Both positive and negative are part of our lives – the good and the bad – but the important thing is where we choose to look – what we decide to focus on – what holds our attention – how we choose to live – cowered by fear of the ‘bad’ – or holding onto ‘hope’ for our future.good 2

I’m so glad that I know Someone Who ‘holds my future’ – I can trust Him – to give me hope – to walk with me – through the good and the bad – so I don’t need to be afraid – of the past – or of the future. In days of uncertainty – I simply trust in Him – in the words that He says to me – for He always speaks the truth – His words are always full of promise – for good – and not for evil – He encourages – blesses and seeks my good.

good 3

So – I make a choice – I chose to look to the good – focus on the positive – while acknowledging the there will be – and have been – negatives in my life – I move on – step forward into the hope and promise that God gives me – the promise of His Presence – His  comfort – His love – with me wherever I am – and whatever circumstances I may face.


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  1. The negative is ‘news’ and the positive isn’t, which is such a shame, you’re right that it must affect us in our lives without us even being aware of it.


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