‘Take Time Out’

My blog is early this week – as I’m going to be taking ‘time out’ – we’re visiting one of my brothers – and then on to spend time with old friends.time 4

There is always a lot on social media at this time of year – about friends and families taking time out – it’s during these times that memories are made – memories that last a lifetime – that  become a very precious part of who we are.

time 3

We’re not always aware of the value of these times – but they are the moments that will be treasured – that stay forever in our hearts. What strikes me the most – about these times though – is  the value of people simply being together – of spending time with one another.

time 2



Our lives seem so full that often we don’t make the opportunity to simply take time to spend with others – with no distractions – but giving ourselves to enjoying the company of others – having fun together – talking – listening – relaxing – no particu;ar agenda.


We often say we are too busy – and  yes – life can be very busy – time 1but lets make the choice that we will never be too busy that we can’t carve out that time to spend for those that matter in our lives.

Time is a very precious gift – and can mean far more to others than anything else we can give them – so – take time out – chat – listen – laugh – share life – and in doing so not only will you give them the best gift you can give – but make memories – to last a liftime.


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