‘In The Cool Of The Morning’

alone 1

During this time of extremely hot weather I’m enjoying the cool of the early morning – the suns rays – gentle and warm – breezes smoothly gliding past – the scent of roses in the air – the twitter of birdsong all around.


alone 3The wonder of communicating with my creator – my Father – my Friend – makes it as though all else seems to cease to exist – reminding me of the words of a song – which I may have quoted in one of my earlier blogs – for it’s as though I can hear His voice more clearly in the quiet of the morning.


alone 2It really seems as though all other sounds cease – they fade away – at the wonder of being able to commune with Him – as I sense Him walking with me –  and – talking with me – assuring me that I am His – creating such a depth of joy within me.


I am so very thankful for these moments in time -they make me who I am – fill me with a sense of awe and wonder – of peace – joy and contentment.

They enable me to begin my day refreshed and renewed from within – focus my mind on the One Who sustains me – Who is my provision – Who gives me the grace and strength to walk into each day knowing that I am never alone – for – He walks beside me – always.

alone 4

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