‘Walk Alongside’

walk alongside 6The other day a group of us went for a walk – a varied group – some used to walking great distances – some moderate walkers – and some for whom even a short walk was quite a challenge.

The importance of this walk though – was to be together – a challenge in itself – considering the different abilities of those taking part – yet – it was a challenge by which everyone was rewarded.

walk alongside 3

It brought home to me the importance of being willing to walk at someone else pace – to be willing to ‘put yourself in their shoes’ – to identify with them – as it were.

Quite often as we walk together we find it an ideal opportunity to be more open – to speak about those things that really matter – to share our lives together.walk alongside 2

So it was – as we walked – we were able to get closer – to truly journey alongside – to understand – encourage – to share those precious moments together – simply to be there supporting one another – on life’s journey.

In our day and age so much of life seems to be focused – and lived – with our own needs being put before the needs of others – when it’s so easy to go ‘at your own pace’  – to forget to watch out for those that cannot ‘keep up’ – to leave them behind.

walk alongside 5

By doing so – not only do we deprive them – but deprive ourselves too. We can miss out by not being willing to walk alongside – to identify with others – to learn from them – as well as giving them the opportunity to walk with us and share our lives too.

I love the fact that God provides for the lonely – His plan for us is – to live ‘in community’ – to be willing to live our lives alongside others – to share life together – and in so doing – not only bring a richness into our own lives – but into the lives of others too.

walk alongside 4

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  1. This is a really practical way of getting that lesson of walking in someone else’s shoes, Lois. It sounds like a supportive and kind event.


    1. loisastwood says:

      Thank you I do appreciate your comments 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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