tired 1I’m sure most of you will be able to identify with how I felt yesterday – TIRED !!

It was just one of those days when I found it difficult to muster up much energy – possibly because I had expended so much energy the day before – that my body simply had no – or little – reserve left.

So – I was left wondering just how was I going to ‘get on ‘ with my day. Was I going to allow my tiredness to totally rule me – to rob me – to spoil my peace of mind – to take from my soul the joy that dwells within me.

I had no problem with indulging in a bit or relaxation – I had to acknowledge that I needed that – but – it was the attitude of mind – the danger to allow my weariness to cause my soul to feel weary too – that could be a problem if I allowed it.IMG_0573 (2)

I have been promised a ‘rest for my soul’ – but in order to make that mine – I needed to do my part – so that’s just what I did – I went for a walk –  and almost immediately felt a peace and renewal in my soul.

IMG_0568 (2)




I wandered by the wild flowers and grasses – brambles busting with blossom – bees and butterflies collecting nectar.


My destination-  on this short walk – the nearby river – wending it’s way – across the quiet countryside – bordered by trees and meadows. IMG_0574 (2)

Solitary seats – seemingly begging to be sat upon – allowed me to pause – and in so doing I felt refreshed – from the inside – and re-energised – creating the feeling that I could skip all the way back home.

That of course was something my physical body was not quite capable of – yet – the energy flowed within me.

Just a couple of hours – a couple of miles walked at a leisurely pace –  all tiredness gone – truly renewed in body and spirit.renew 1

I am so thankful that I had both the opportunity – and the privilege – to  rise above my tiredness in this way – reminding me again – of how my day to day life can be transformed – by the renewing of my mind – as I drink in the beauty and peace of nature and connect with the One Who created it all.


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